FFA Competes at Regional Career Development Events


On Tuesday, March 19, members of the Owen-Withee FFA got up bright and early for a trip down to Mid-State Technical College in Wisconsin Rapids to compete in Career Development Event (CDE) Regionals in hopes of advancing to state competition. The FFA organized eight four-person teams to compete against other teams in Wildlife, Farm Business Management, Livestock Evaluation, Forestry, Dairy Cattle Evaluation, Horse Evaluation, Milk Quality and Products, and Floriculture.
Career Development Events often feature individual components, such as general knowledge exams and individual skill practicums, as well as team activities where the group of individuals complete a task together or submit a presentation to a panel of judges. The primary goal of Career Development Events is to develop individual responsibilities, foster teamwork and promote communication while recognizing the value of ethical competition and individual achievement.
The Owen-Withee FFA was led by Jack Wendler, who won the individual championship in Farm Business Management. Other FFA members placing in the Top Twenty include Colton Paczkowski, Sam Wells, Paris Ackerman, Angela Baures, Sam Stephens, Mason Gay, Kayla Rasmussen, Carmen Frese, and Cuba Sowieja-Kayhart.
Great job to those who competed. Farm Business Management, Forestry, and Milk Quality & Products have moved on to State Career Development Events on April 25 from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.
Team Results:
Farm Business Management - 2nd Place
Horse Evaluation - 5th Place
Floriculture - 6th Place
Forestry - 7th Place
Milk Quality & Products - 7th Place
Wildlife - 9th Place
Livestock Evaluation - 14th Place
Dairy Cattle Evaluation - 18th Place
Individual Results:
Farm Business Management - Jack Wendler (1), Colton Paczkowski (4), Sam Wells (6), Paris Ackerman (7)
Forestry - Mason Gay (17), Talon Mueller (22), Dominic Sherwood (26), Brett Baehr (29)
Milk Quality & Products - Reina Arndt (21), Dan Graski (22), Lindsey Potocnik (36)
Horse Evaluation - Kayla Rasmussen (6), Carmen Frese (17), Brooke Frese (26), Karley Turgeson (52)
Floriculture - Angela Baures (6), Sam Stephens (13), Cassidy Graski (28), Brinley Varney (35)
Wildlife - Cuba Sowieja-Kayhart (20), Wyatt Wulff (30), Gavin Sowieja-Kayhart (34), Brandon Geldernick (52)
Livestock Evaluation - Lillian Rinka (23), Lydia Lobacz (52), Kabella Olson (58), Levi Nowobielski (59)
Dairy Cattle Evaluation - Wyatt Rose (55), Derek Potocnik (63), Leah Simenson (71), Nick Stephens (72)