Owen-Withee School referendum fails


The April 4 election saw a few contested races in our area, a few that were not contested, and a referendum that would have allowed the O-W School District to exceed state revenue limits for the next four years. Election results are as follows:
O-W School Referendum
Yes 334
No 483
Both the City of Owen and the Village of Withee were in favor of the referendum by a one vote margin in each municipality.
O-W School Board
Todd Nelson 612
Robyn Renderman 574
Angela Greschner 573
Charles Milliren 282
Greschner and Nelson will serve another term and be joined by newcomer Robyn Renderman on the school board.
City of Owen Common Council
Ward 1: Jason Thornton 85; Charles Milliren 19
Ward 2: Robert Wilczek 45
Ward 3: Matt Riihinen 8; Ray Kilty 11 (both candidates ran as write-ins)
Newcomers Jason Thornton and Ray Kilty join the council along with incumbent Robert Wilczek.
Village of Withee Trustee
Susan Kalepp 98
Randy Shelton 97
William Kroeplin 94
Former trustee William Kroeplin joins incumbents Randy Shelton and Susan Kalepp on the Village Board.
Clark County Supervisor District 5
Larry Klabon 186
Clark County Supervisor District 11
Scott Jalling 257
Presidential Preference Primary(Clark County only)
Biden 1,604
Phillips 90
Uninstructed 82
Trump 3,548
Haley 330
DeSantis 113
Uninstructed 81
Christie 63
Ramaswamey 27
State Referendum #1 (Clark County only)
Yes 3,621
No 2,191
State Referendum # 2 (Clark County only)
Yes 4,018
No 1,783
The total votes cast in Clark County was 6,174. Full results for Clark County can be found on their website, on the County Clerk’s page.