4th grader reports on a farm field trip


On Friday March 22, we had a field trip. We first went to the Fischer Farm. Matthew taught us how to milk the cows and what they do if a cow gets sick. Then Mr. Fischer taught us what they feed their cows. Mrs. Fischer taught us what they feed their calves and about calves. We also got to give milk from a bottle to a calf. Then we went back to school to eat lunch.
Then we went to the second school forest. We learned about maple trees and what the leaves look like. We also learned about the tools they use to put up the tree sap lines. We learned how they see how much maple syrup is in tree sap, and the history of the forest. Mr. Engel taught us about how they collect maple syrup. We got to walk down the hill. After we ran down the hill Mr. Engel turned on the thing that sucks the tree sap out of the trees and we raced it.
Then we went to the Engel sugarbush. He taught us about maple syrup and cooking it. We also got to see what maple syrup looks like with and without minerals. We also had ice cream with maple syrup at the end. And that was our field trip