A sunny weekend topped off with dumpster grill burgers


Lemon yellow beams streamed through my resting eyelids as I soaked in the noon day sun last weekend. Facing skyward basking in the much-needed heat, eyes shut tight against the brightness, I sat and listened to the sounds of my neighborhood. I heard the lawn mowers and weed eaters revving up, readying for the first cuts of the season, children’s laughter in the distance, and happy squawks of birds in the trees above. The warmth on my skin and the sounds of the spring rejuvenated my soul, which was feeling quite deflated.

This weekend, a couple of neighbors showed up at our house to offer their assistance with lawn care. Word has spread throughout the community of my husband’s ailing health and the kindness shown has brought tears to both our eyes. My lawn mower which from almost the first day it rolled into our yard has been a pain in my… you know what. It has broken down a few times leaving our grass very unruly and unkept at times. This time after the final mowing last fall, the front tire rod broke. I thought it would be another late mowing this spring, but not now, thanks to our kind-hearted neighbors across the road. And I have to mention also that our friendly next-door neighbors helped us out by plowing our driveway as well.

On Saturday, I also benefited from a friend in the community and his truck. This weekend I took advantage of Owen’s spring cleanup day and the huge dumpster at the city garage. I packed up all the junk my little EcoSport could hold and dropped off two old TVs, an old charcoal grill, a cracked plastic chair and some other odd items. While the city folks unloaded my garage junk, I spied a newer looking gas grill sitting by the dumpster. The city clerk Tracy said, “hey you can have it if you want.” My eyes popped and my mind whirred. “Yes,” I said, “but I don’t have a truck to haul it.” Just then a friend pulled up with his truck and… even though it is not my nature to ask for help… I am getting much better at it now… I asked him if he would take it to my house. He said, “Sure!” So, we loaded it up, along with another wonderful find – a pretty, Robin’s egg blue Huffy bike. After he dropped off the grill and bike, he helped me load up our old very dilapidated gas grill, a mattress and a rusty old bike to be hauled back to the dump site.

I am a sucker for good old junk which in this case really wasn’t junk, just unwanted stuff. I must admit I was feeling pretty sad and sorry for my husband’s condition, and to be honest, for myself last weekend. It seems like the feelings of woe and despair creep in when I have free time but this weekend with the kindness of friends, family and neighbors willing to lend a hand, my dark day brightened considerably. Sunday night I fired up the new “old” dumpster grill, flipped some burgers and breathed in the kindness of the world around me and felt renewed to face whatever may come our way.

Have a sunny week, everyone!