Pinewood Derby racers compete at Courtesy Auto in Stanley


The Owen-Withee Boy Scouts joined with the Stanley scouts for the Pinewood Derby held on March 16 at Courtesy Auto and Truck, Stanley. “Over 40 entries completed in Scout class and family class racing from Pack 19 of Owen and Pack 50 of Stanley,” Scout Leader Jeremy Goessl reported.
There were many creative designs and well put together cars. Several cars broke 200-mph speed with the fastest was Allie Nicpon’s car zooming up to 212 mph. When the racing was complete, first place finish went to Dale Nicpon, 2nd place finish was Dayna Oberholtzer, and in 3rd went to Jesse Janke. Jack Barna received the award for Crowd Favorite with his shark car and Arlen Reed received the Safe Driver Award.
“I was so impressed by the enthusiasm, sportsmanship and scout spirit displayed by these young people,” Goessl stated. “We also need to give a shout out to our host at Courtesy Ford, Alfredo Velasco, John the trailer guy, Jill Boie and all the staff for your support. Courtesy Ford of Stanley came to us with the idea to have the race in their showroom. So, between the scouts from Owen and the scouts from Stanley we worked together to put on a larger more exciting event for the kids.”
Results of the average MPH were: Allie Nicpon - 212.2, Dale Nicpon – 211, Dayna Oberholtzer – 207.8, Jesse Jankee – 207.8, Julianna Jankee – 207.5 , Nora Anday – 206.6, Olivia Oberholtzer – 206.4, Jack Barna – 206.1, Ethan Goessl – 205.1, Evelyn Goessl m- 204.7, Grayson Van Ark – 204.2, August Gutsch – 204.1, Aaliyah Ruthven – 203.8, Carter Bohl – 202.4, Emma Barna – 201.8, Ramses Velasco – 197.8, Leonardo Velasco - 196, Alainna Goessl – 194.8, Nora Gutsch – 193.6, Braelyn Bohl - 193, Sullivan Nickel – 182.4, Joseph Barna – 182.2 and Arlen Reed – 157.7.
“We had a great turnout of fans to watch the kids and even had some very generous door prizes from Courtesy Ford,” said Goessl with gratitude. “It truly turned out beyond expectations.”