The Owen-Withee Police Committee learns of K-9 Jimi’s health issues


The Owen-Withee Police Committee held their regular meeting on Tuesday, April 2.
Officer Jake Haugstad reported the sad news that K-9 Jimi has the same kidney disease that two of his siblings have died from. He is also being treated for a throat abscess, which is getting better. His medical bills are being paid for with the donations in the K-9 fund.

Subsequent to the meeting, Officer Haugstad put out the following statement about Jimi’s condition:
“On Thursday, September 8, 2022, the La Crosse County Sheriff’s Office announced the unexpected passing of their beloved K-9 and K-9 Jimi’s brother, Blu. Shortly before K-9 Blu passed away, he was diagnosed with a genetically incurable kidney condition.
It is with a heavy heart that we announce that one of our esteemed members of the Owen-Withee Police Department, K-9 Jimi, has been diagnosed with the same or a similar type of kidney disease.
K-9 Jimi, a three-year valued department member, has served alongside his dedicated handler, Officer Jacob Haugstad. Together, they have played a crucial role in numerous incidents, including drug detection and community engagement events, showcasing their unwavering loyalty and commitment.
However, K-9 Jimi has been exhibiting signs of illness recently, prompting a thorough examination by our veterinary team in Medford. Regrettably, the diagnosis revealed that he is suffering from kidney disease, a condition that requires ongoing medical care and attention.
We understand that K-9 Jimi holds a special place within our department and in the hearts of the Owen-Withee community. As such, we want to assure everyone that we are committed to providing him with the best possible care and support.
In light of this diagnosis, K-9 Jimi will undergo a treatment plan tailored to his specific needs. This plan may include medication, dietary adjustments, and regular veterinary check-ups. Officer Haugstad will continue to work closely with the Medford Veterinary Clinic to ensure that K-9 Jimi receives the care and support necessary for his well-being.
We also understand that this news may concern members of our community who have grown to love and admire K-9 Jimi. We want to reassure everyone that he will continue receiving the same love and care that he has always received from his handler and our entire public safety family.
The outpouring of support and well-wishes we have already received from the community is deeply appreciated and serves as a testament to the special bond between our K-9 unit and the residents of Owen and Withee. We ask for your continued thoughts and prayers for K-9 Jimi during this challenging time.
We will provide updates on K-9 Jimi’s condition as they become available. In the meantime, thank you for your understanding, support, and continued trust in the Owen-Withee Police Department.
For further inquiries or to express your support for K-9 Jimi, please get in touch with Officer Jacob Haugstad at (715)229-2161.”
Officer Haugstad presented a call report for 2023 which showed 744 offenses. In addition he reported the O-W Police Department responded to 13 OWIs, 10 crashes, and K9 Jimi had 93 deployments.
They discussed the difference in ordinance numbers between Owen and Withee. It was suggested that the PD check with Colby-Abby to see how they handle this.
Officer Haugstad reported that the Axon dash cam is installed and working great. The new tasers have also arrive and Haugstad is now a certified taser instructor. A question was asked about $2,500 of work done on the Crown Vic. At least part of that was new tires and rims.