W-O-W Kids’ Meals needs your support


The W-O-W (Weekend Owen-Withee) Kids’ Meals Steering Committee is in the midst of conducting a fundraising campaign to provide funds for the purchase of food to support our program. To date substantial donations have been forthcoming from the Marshfield Area Community Foundation ($600), Bonnie Wachsmuth d.b.a., Wachsmuth Law Offices ($250), the Episcopal Church Women ($350). Longwood Emmanuel Lutheran Church ($250) and a donation ($500) in memory of Elaine Barteck. Also donating $100 each were Maurina/Schilling Funeral Home, Barb and Gordy Finkelson, Carol Orysczyn and Kevin and Sara Thorson. Additionally Prevail Bank will be donating funds from their paper shredding drive which will be coming soon, at the rate of $1.00 per pound of shredded paper, up to a maximum of $1,000.
The W-O-W Kids’ Meals program is currently providing bags of food to about 48 students from the Owen-Withee School District on an every-other-week time frame. This is impacting around 25 families who are currently experiencing food insecurity.
The W-O-W Kids’ Meals Steering Committee wants to sincerely thank all who have, or plan to, participate in this fundraising effort.