Clark County Jail Bookings

April 11-April 17


Format: Name; Classification; Charge(s); Release Reason (if given); Release Date (if given).

April 11

Gruber, Kyle John; Probation Violation; Probation Violation.

Hamm, Shana Lee; Violation of Court Order; Contempt of Court/Disobey Order; April 12.

April 12

Bares, Luke Brandon; Probation Violation; Disorderly Conduct, Probation Violation; $250 Bond; April 16.

Dobberfuhl, Dakota Michael; Sentenced With Huber; Battery, Disorderly Conduct.

Mallory, Courtney Anne; Print/Mug; Negative Abuse Patients-Cause Great Harm; April 12.

April 13

Portillo Castaneda, Raul; Probation Violation; Operating While Revoked, Operating While Under Influence; Probation Violation.

Ribera Reyes, Anderson E.; New Charges; Operating While Under Influence, Operating With PAC .10 or Greater, Ignition Interlock Device Tampering, Misappropriate ID Info-Avoid Penalty, Resisting or Obstructing an Officer, Failure to Appear.

Turenne, Gregory Jerome; Operating While Under Influence; April 14.

April 14

Name Redacted; New Charges; Bail Jumping-Misdemeanor, Disorderly Conduct; $400 Bond; April 15.

April 15

Parker, Gayland Wayne; Violation of Court Order; Violate/Harassment Restraining Order; $500 Bond; April 15.

April 16

Bautista Cruz, Rodrigo; Print/Mug; Operating After Revocation Due to Commercial Motor Vehicle With PAC; April 16.

Garcia, Ernesto Fabian; Print/Mug; Operate Without a Valid License; April 16.

Montoya-Salgado, Gregoria; Print/Mug; Operating After Revocation (1st-Revocation Due to Controlled Substance), Resisting or Obstructing an Officer; April 16.