Reflecting on 13 Years of Tax Reforms


Since the beginning of the Governor Walker era, Wisconsin Republicans have prioritized cutting taxes, fiscal responsibility, and growing our economy. Since 2011, over $31 billion in tax cuts have been returned to Wisconsinites. On the personal level, that is $1,707 for the average family this year alone. Returning this money makes a meaningful difference for families in our state, because your money is better used by you than the government.

This year Legislative Republicans attempted to give back even more to the people of Wisconsin. First, we tried with a $4.4 billion tax package which lowered property taxes, cut income taxes, and eliminated the personal property tax from businesses. Unfortunately, Governor Evers vetoed 95% of it, reducing the average cut from $573 per filer down to $36 per filer.

Legislative Republicans tried again to return money with a direct middle class tax cut and a significant cut to retirement income for our seniors. Again, Governor Evers vetoed both bills. We tried a third time with four bills: significantly expanding the child and dependent care credit, increasing the cap on the married couple credit, expanding the second tax bracket to include income up to $150,000, and cut retirement income for seniors. Yet again, Governor Evers vetoed the third tax relief package.

Governor Evers promised multiple times to fight for the middle class tax, yet every time he forsook the middle class. We want to help every day regular people, parents with kids in daycare, the childcare industry, the elderly on a fixed income, young married couples, and everyone who needs to work for a living. Governor Evers believes your money should stay with the state, but I know your money belongs with you. I will not stop fighting for more tax relief for each and every hardworking Wisconsinite.